the mission


Over the last two decades inspiration and creation in the field of the book have become the principal function of the Book Art Museum. BAM supports book artists: professionals, amateurs, and children. BAM promotes the idea of “the correspondence of arts”. Another source of inspiration is the history of the book in its different forms and expressions. The Museum is also open to various trends and styles in art, “discovers” them for itself and “re-lives” them—in this case it is the 100 anniversary of Malevich's suprematism.
Our technical resources, both very modern and very old, play a fundamental role in fulfilling this mission. We have been collecting “books about books” for 30 years, as well old printing machines and typographic devices. We know people who still know how to use them. These assets are very rare. They are supported by our modern digital equipment. This combination of “old and new” technologies makes many unconventional ideas possible. It is the source of our big projects: Scriptorium, The Well, Orpheus and Eurydice, Gilgamesh, Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Library, and smaller ones: Let'sPublishAPoem, A Multimedia Poem, Second Space, etc.