the concept

The Library of Zbig is a symbolic library, dedicated to the works of Professor Zbigniew Brzezinski, our renowned countryman, who served in world politics. The establishment of this library is the 3 letters of donation from the Tryzno family, which accompany the book “Bibliography & Drawings by Zbigniew Brzezinski” to the Library of Congress in Washington DC, the National Library in Warsaw and the J. Pilsudski Library in Lodz. As artists we initiate the foundation in hopes that other Polish donors as wealthy intellectuals would offer these 100 books in order that they maybe placed in other famous libraries across the world. With this gesture we thank Zbig as a fellow countryman for all his achievements and solidify his memory and his life work. Thus, begins the “building” of not just one, but 100 chosen library addresses, which will accept the “Bibliography & Drawings by Zbigniew Brzezinski” to their “rare book collection” shelves. The final act will be an artistic publication by the Book Art Museum, in which will be found all the beneficiaries and donors, who took part in the project of “The Library of Zbig.” The publication will be offered free of charge to them and its digital version will also be available on the internet. The donations to “The Library of Zbig” can come from private donors or commercial enterprises.