Emilie Benes and Zbigniew Brzezinski see for the first time the “Bibliography and Drawings” in the Book Art Museum, 1993 Janusz Tryzno and Zbigniew Brzezinski in the Museum of Artists (with Emmett Williams in the foreground), 1993 Emilie Benes and Jadwiga Tryzno at the reception in “Fukier” in Warsaw after the opening of the exhibition of her sculptures in ZPAP Gallery, 1992

Zbigniew Brzezinskis drawings were discovered by his wife Emilie, who collected them for many years. Emilie Benes Brzezinski is a well-known artist - sculptor, sensitive to natural forms of art. Very early she found particular value in automatic sketches of her ​​husband made on scraps of paper at conferences, meetings, breaks. For her they were more than just doodles he wanted them to be. She sensed that their value ​​and meaning will be appreciated someday both because of the political context of the place of origin as well as their form.

Emilie Brzezinski brought "doodles" to the Artists' Museum in Lodz, where, in 1992, there was a typographic workshop of Correspondance des Arts. It was a large stack of drawings of different size, different dates and places in the world where her husband, Zbigniew Brzezinski, drawing instinctively has recorded his impressions, memories and thoughts. Emilie showed "doodles" not thinking about their publication, moreover she reserved in advance that her husband would never agree to it. She was persuaded by the opportunity to publish "doodles" in small edition, typical of artistsbooks. With her support of the CdA initiative, an exhibition of the book "Bibliography & Drawings Zbigniew Brzezinski" opened the Book Art Museum in Lodz on Oct 1st 1993.