The Book Art Museum (BAM) was founded in 1993 by the Correspondance des Arts Foundation (CdA) established by Janusz Tryzno in 1990. At the beginning the foundation was a kind of umbrella entity for the small press active since 1980 under the same name. Since 2010 the CdA Foundation has a status of a public-benefit institution. The ongoing activity of the Museum is funded with money from the private firm Correstudio that belongs to the CdA founders—Jadwiga, Janusz and Paweł Tryzno. The CdA Foundation has no employees; the Museum's activity is based on unpaid work of the founders' family and volunteers.

To apply for grants from the European Union, which will enable the renovation, the CdA Foundation needs to raise matching funds. This is possible by selling CdA books. During the past 30 years CdA published books in limited editions that were sold, donated or exchanged for books of other artists. These books were often purchased by major libraries including: the British Library, the New York Public Library, Stanford University, The National Gallery in Washington DC, the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, the Herzog August Bibliothek, The National Library in Singapore, Musaschino Art University in Tokyo, The National Library in Warsaw, and many others. Some books are still available, including the 1993 edition of “Bibliography and Drawings” by Zbigniew Brzezinski.