CdA books

CdA has been creating books since 1980, in limited editions, from a few to a few dozens of copies. They are hand made, unconventionally designed and bound, with original prints and various structures, usually referring to the history of book art. The problems and needs generated by making books resulted in founding the Book Art Museum in Henryk Grohman's villa in Łódź.

The 30 years long history of CdA Press consists of three periods: the first one lasted for five years – the books were created as group works of the artists-founders of CdA: Andrzej Graczykowski, Zbigniew Janeczek, Janusz Tryzno and Zdzisław Jaskuła; the second one lasted till the mid 1990s – when Janusz and Jadwiga Tryzno were cooperating with various Polish and foreign artists; the third one lasting till now – the CdA books are made by the Tryzno family. The preferred type of an artist's book have also been evolving. In the beginning there were mostly so called “book-works” having the form of a codex; then there were experiments with the codex body; recently there are book objects, including “lenticular books” with 3D effects. “Just-books” are in noticeable minority. Parallel to CdA books are CdA projects and CdA job-prints.