The cover of the Russian edition from 1920 The cover of the American edition from 1974 The cover of the Polish edition from 2006
“I understand suprematism as the supremacy of a pure sensation (feeling, experiencing, being affected) in fine arts.” “From a suprematist point of view, phenomena of the material world are irrelevant; only sensations themselves are important—it does not matter what triggered them.”
“Being an object is by itself of no importance to suprematism; the projections of consciousness have no value at all.”
“Impressions are decisive... in this way art achieves representation without an object—suprematism.”
These quotations by Malevich were taken from the book “Kazimierz Malewicz, Świat bezprzedmiotowy, Biblioteka Bauhausu” (Die gegenstandslose Welt, 1927) translated from German into Polish by Stanisław Fijałkowski and published by “słowo, obraz / terytoria”, Gdańsk, 2006