how to become a donor?

  to take into account at least three kinds of benefits of such a donation:
        - patriotic - transnational commemoration of our well-deserved compatriot
        - public - financial support for saving cultural institution activities and residence
        - promotional - the use of culture for business and family prestige
 to assess the costs of donation as particularly attractive because of:
        - originality of the book and the idea of ​​"The Library of Zbig"
        - artistic and editorial value of the book
        - supporting of the contact of the donor with the beneficiary
 to choose a library from the list of recommended or indicate another library
       that the donor wishes to give the book "Bibliography & Drawings by Zbigniew Brzezinski" to.
  to send an e-mail statement of the decision to cover the costs of donation:
        - 3 500 USD + shipping to indicated library address
  to expect feedback about including in the project "The Library of Zbig"
        - which will inform on further steps and tips for donation like:
        - arrangements with the beneficiary library on the terms and circumstances
          of book reception
        - Editing and printing of the donation letter
        - the address and conditions of delivery to the recipient and the donor.
        - a bank account to which the donation transfer should go to
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