the donation letter

The Donation Letter in the book is a document which shows its provenance. The Letter is of importance and its creation plays a central role in the project “The Library of Zbig.” The content of the Donation Letter is written by the donor and is sent to the Book Art Museum, the Donation Letter is than printed and framed according to the wishes of the donor, by the Book Art Museum.  The Donation Letter will be affixed to the bottom of the box and is a permanent part of the object. The Donation Letter should reflect the motivation of the donation to the chosen library. The letter also should be personally signed by the donor. The contents of each of the letters of donation will be published at the end of the project. The print formats and frame styles of the Donation Letter are show below.

  • Biblioteka Piłsudskiego
  • Biblioteka Narodowa
  • Biblioteka Kongresu